Thursday, March 17, 2011

The DNR-One of Minnesota's Best Sites for Hunters

I don't really have to give you the link for the Minnesota DNR, it is extremely easy to find but here it is anyway (Minnesota DNR Hunting Page). If you have not already explored this website for hunting information, then you have missed out on a site with a lot of helpful information. New residents to Minnesota will find the site invaluable to explaining the rules and regulations to hunting any legal species. But, the site has much more to offer.The hunting land finder portion of the page provides several helpful tools to any hunter looking to find public and private hunting land. If you click on the particular species you are interested in hunting you'll find tons of information on how and where to hunt it. Additionally, you'll find the results of annual population surveys the DNR conducts to estimate populations of certain game animals. These will steer you to the right area of the state to consider for a particular species.

If you haven't ever looked around this site, give it a try, particularly if you are new to Minnesota.

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